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Maintenance Tips from Our Transmission Repair Shop

Best Transmission, in Jacksonville, FL, offers the leading truck and car transmission repair to the area. We strive to ensure that your vehicle's transmission is running properly - but in between visits we want to make sure that you are prolonging the lifespan of the transmission. There's a variety of maintenance tips that can you do below!

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Here are 10 helpful tips to keep your transmission running properly:

As we all know transmission repairs can get very expensive, very quickly. Take a look at the list of maintenance tips below to keep those costs down and to extend your car or truck transmission lifespan entirely.

  • 1 Check your transmission fluid level. You can refer to your vehicle's owner's manual or bring your car or truck to Best Transmission. We will be happy to help!
  • 2 If you suspect a problem with your transmission, have it checked as soon as possible to avoid the problem escalating into a bigger, more expensive issue.
  • 3 Have your transmission serviced regularly by a transmission repair expert.
  • 4 Check with your transmission repair shop to see if there are any transmission fluid additives that can help extend the life of your transmission.
  • 5 Have your transmission fluid changed at least once every 2 years or every 30,000 miles.
  • 6 If the weather is cold, give your vehicle time to warm up before putting it into gear.
  • 7 Before changing from reverse to drive (or drive to reverse), come to a total stop.
  • 8 Repair engine overheating issues. The most caustic thing to engines and transmission is excessive heat, resulting many times in engine and transmission failure.
  • 9 Never drive your car when your transmission fluid is low or leaking.
  • 10 When parking on a hill or incline, engage your parking (emergency) brake. This helps to reduce stress on the parking linkage and pin (pawl.)

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Best Transmission in Jacksonville FL can help you extend the life of your vehicle's transmission with proper service, maintenance and repair.

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